Manchester City Defender Faces Lengthy Ban for Racially Abusive Comments

Manchester City’s sturdy protector, Benjamin Mendy, has as of late been blamed for four counts of assault and one count of rape, claims which he has strongly disavowed. Nonetheless, the Frenchman is not off the hook yet as he now also faces a potentially lengthy suspension from football for his racially abusive comments.

The Football Association (FA) charged Mendy with misconduct on April 5, 2021, after he purportedly dispatched a racially discriminatory missive to a confidante on social media. The defender is accused of making reference to the woman’s race in the message, an accusation he vehemently denies.

Per the FA’s statement, “It is alleged that a comment he made, which was intended to be private and not for wider public consumption, breached FA Rule E3(1) as it was insulting and/or improper and/or brought the game into disrepute.”

The FA has embraced a harsh position against prejudice and has vowed to make a move against any player or staff part seen as at fault for such a detestable way of behaving. The lengthy ban imposed on Kieran Trippier of Atletico Madrid for violating the FA’s betting regulations is a testament to this.

The Mendy case accentuates the significance of footballers being cognizant of the repercussions their words and actions can have on others. This highlights the need for players to exercise more caution and take greater responsibility when communicating through social media.

This is not the first instance Mendy has faced disciplinary action for his off-the-pitch conduct, having previously been suspended by Manchester City for breaching COVID-19 protocols during the festive season.

The club has not given an authority explanation in regards to the matter, yet it is perceived that Manchester City will give Mendy full help during the continuous official actions.

It is lamentable to witness yet another footballer facing disciplinary action for racial abuse. This ought to act as a useful example for all players and staff associated with the game to be more reasonable with their activities, particularly those that can truly hurt others.

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