The kick-off time for the Manchester United vs Man City FA Cup Final is being moved forward for the first time in 12 years.

Get ready for the highly anticipated FA Cup final between Manchester United and Manchester City on June 3, 2023, at Wembley Stadium. The upcoming derby between Manchester’s two football teams will kick off at 3 pm, changing from the usual evening start time. The Metropolitan Police raised safety concerns, hence the change. This will be the first-ever all-Manchester final, and both sets of fans are looking forward to it. The new daytime start time is likely to be appreciated by supporters who would have had to hurry to catch the last train home if the game started in the evening.

Although broadcasters and advertisers prefer evening kick-off times, the Football Association has agreed to move the match forward based on the police’s recommendation. The safety of fans and players is of utmost importance, and the FA has demonstrated their willingness to prioritize their well-being.

Both teams are determined and purposeful as they approach the match. Manchester City had a smooth run in the semi-finals, comfortably defeating Sheffield United, a Championship team, with a 3-0 win. Riyad Mahrez’s hat trick secured their place in the final.

Manchester United had a tough time in the semi-final against Brighton, which ended in a 0-0 draw and was only decided by penalties. Victor Lindelof’s spot-kick secured United’s place in the final. The team will be eager to prove themselves and defeat their opponents in the upcoming final.

Both Manchester City and Manchester United have had a prosperous season thus far. Manchester City has already secured the Carabao Cup and is still vying for the Premier League and Champions League titles. On the other hand, Manchester United aims to increase their trophy count as they have yet to win any significant titles in recent years.

Football fans can expect an intense and captivating encounter between Manchester United and Manchester City in their upcoming match. The rivalry between the two teams is known to be one of the fiercest, promising an exciting and closely fought game. Both teams are determined to emerge victorious.

To ensure the safety of fans and players, the FA Cup final between Manchester United and Manchester City will now kick off at 3 pm. This match is highly anticipated as both teams are determined to win the trophy and prove themselves superior to their rivals. The final will occur at Wembley Stadium on June 3, 2023, and fans can expect a closely contested and thrilling match.

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