How Conor McGregor Proposes New Conditions for Gervonta Davis vs Ryan Garcia Rematch

The world-renowned UFC superstar, Conor McGregor, was present at the Davis vs Garcia fights in Las Vegas over the weekend. The boxing match, between two undefeated fighters, had been highly anticipated, and it was Gervonta Davis, also known as ‘Tank,’ who emerged victorious in front of the Irishman.

During the lead-up to the fight, there had been much discussion around Garcia’s weight condition, with the fighter being forced to weigh in at 136lb on fight week and only being allowed to rehydrate to 145lb on the day of the match. McGregor, who was ringside, spoke to Garcia in the dressing room after the fight and encouraged him to pursue an immediate rematch against Davis, but without the rehydration clause.

In a video caught on camera, McGregor can be heard saying, “He’s 1-0 on you; you two are the biggest names in the division. I want to see it again. I want to see it again now, and I want to see it with no rehydration clause, seriously. Do you know what I mean? Mate, all the respect in the world to you, you’re the future. The future is there, I’ll be watching you all the way. All the best, God bless.”

Later in an interview with Inside Fighting, McGregor expressed his thoughts on the rematch, saying, “Sure, why not [rematch]? They’ve already made the match, so it’d be easy to get done again. There’s a storyline to it. In boxing, the matches are so hard to make. You think of all the other contenders they could face. Devin Haney, Shakur Stevenson, Vasily Lomachenko, they’re all difficult fights to make.”

When asked if Garcia could win a rematch against Davis, McGregor remained unsure but highlighted the importance of weight in boxing matches. “It’s a tough task,” he said. “But that extra bit of weight, when you don’t have to dehydrate, or you’re allowed to rehydrate, it makes a difference. It wasn’t the body shot that ended him. It was a shot that over time if he was allowed to rehydrate, that may have been different, you know?”

In conclusion, Conor McGregor’s words of encouragement and call for a rematch between Garcia and Davis without the rehydration clause have sparked much discussion among boxing fans. Whether or not the two fighters will face each other again remains to be seen, but McGregor’s presence and words of wisdom have added to the excitement and anticipation surrounding the sport of boxing.

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