Ivana Širić Petrović becomes the pioneering Croatian woman to join the UFC roster – Strongest MMA Organization

Ivana Širić Petrović has made headlines in the world of mixed martial arts (MMA) by becoming the first-ever Croatian female fighter to sign with the UFC, the world’s premier MMA organization. This news was announced by the undefeated flyweight champion on her Instagram profile, where she expressed her excitement about joining the UFC.

“Welcome to my new office. LET’S GO! Everything is signed and ready. Let’s go dancing girls,” Ivana wrote in her post, reflecting her enthusiasm for taking on new challenges in the UFC.

Ivana made history last September by winning the flyweight championship title in Ares FC, a prominent French MMA organization, after defeating Alexandra Tekenah. This victory made her the first female fighter in Ares FC history to hold the championship title. Interestingly, the Ares FC event took place just a day before the UFC event in Paris, allowing UFC officials to witness Ivana’s impressive skills in action.

The UFC quickly took notice of Ivana’s performance and did not waste any time signing her to their organization. Before joining the UFC, Ivana defended her Ares championship title again by fighting against Ewelina Wozniak in April. With a submission in the fourth round, Ivana secured her first and final defence of the Ares championship title. Ivana has won six victories in her professional career, five of which were stoppages, including three knockouts and two submissions.

Ivana’s journey to the UFC began in the amateurs when she performed under the Cage Warriors Academy. She won the belt in two categories but decided not to sign a professional contract with Cage Warriors.

Originally from Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ivana has been living and training in Norway for the past eight years. She competes under both the Croatian and Norwegian flags and takes pride in her Croatian heritage. “I consider myself a Croat living in Norway,” Ivana shared in an interview with Fight Site last year, ahead of her title attack in Ares.

Ivana’s signing with the UFC is a significant milestone for Croatia and the MMA world, marking the first time a female fighter will represent the country in the world’s premier MMA organization. She joins a list of accomplished Croatian fighters such as Mirko Filipović, Goran Reljić, Igor Pokrajec, Filip Pejić, Stipe Miočić, and Pat Miletich.

Ivana’s manager and husband, Saša Petrović, has been instrumental in her success. He has been her trainer, coach, and mentor throughout her MMA career. With Saša’s guidance and Ivana’s talent and dedication, the sky’s the limit for her future in the UFC.

The UFC’s flyweight division is known for its talented and skilled female fighters, and Ivana’s addition to the roster adds more excitement to this weight class. Fans and MMA enthusiasts eagerly await to see Ivana’s skills and talent fully displayed in the UFC octagon.

In conclusion, Ivana Širić Petrović’s signing with the UFC marks a historic moment for Croatia and the MMA world. Ivana’s talent and dedication will be fully displayed in the UFC octagon as the first-ever Croatian female fighter to join the world’s premier MMA organization. Ivana will make her mark in the UFC’s flyweight division with her impressive skills, fierce determination, and Saša Petrović’s guidance.

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