Experts predict Conor McGregor’s victory over Michael Chandler in highly-anticipated UFC comeback battle

The Irish mixed martial artist Conor McGregor is set to return to the UFC arena after a two-year hiatus. His opponent for the upcoming fight is Michael Chandler, an American professional fighter who has competed four times since McGregor’s last bout. While Chandler’s recent activity has led many fans and pundits to believe he has an advantage, top UFC welterweight contender Colby Covington has a different opinion. According to Covington, Chandler is “washed up”, and McGregor will emerge victorious in the fight.

Although the highly anticipated showdown date has yet to be confirmed, McGregor and Chandler recently filmed The Ultimate Fighter in Las Vegas, a move that has only heightened anticipation for the upcoming bout. However, before the fight occurs, the two fighters are awaiting news of the USADA drug testing protocols.

While many fans believe that Chandler has the upper hand due to his activity in recent years, McGregor’s erratic behaviour during his time off has also led some to question his readiness for the fight. However, Covington is confident in McGregor’s ability to secure a win, citing Chandler’s recent form as a key factor in his belief. “I do think he beats Chandler,” Covington told Sportskeeda. “I think Chandler’s a little washed up now, you know. He didn’t even do anything in that other B-level organization [Bellator]. He was getting beat by scrub guys, scrubs that I trained with. I just think Chandler’s washed up, and it’s a good fight for Conor. Conor’s going to go out there and spark him. I feel McGregor gets it.”

Chandler, previously the lightweight champion in Bellator before moving to UFC, has had mixed results in the latter organization, with a 2-3 record. He has been knocked down by all but one of his opponents, Dan Hooker, who he knocked out within the opening seconds of their fight. However, with McGregor having bulked up considerably in the past two years, his power could be a significant factor in the contest.

McGregor expects the fight to take place at welterweight, despite both fighters being contenders at lightweight. McGregor’s new frame would make it challenging for him to get down to 155lb in time for the bout, and Chandler believes that he, too, will struggle to get down after bulking up in his own right.

As the anticipation builds for the McGregor-Chandler bout, fans and pundits are divided on who will emerge victorious. However, Covington’s confidence in McGregor’s ability to secure a win will surely fuel the fire and only increase the hype surrounding this highly anticipated event. Only time will tell who will come out on top, but one thing is for sure: the UFC community is in for an electrifying showdown.

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