EXO Member Kris Wu And Jessica Jung Spoke Regarding Project Delay

Despite getting entangled in several lawsuits with former talent agency, SM Entertainment, the K-pop star still has a lot on his plate nowadays. As reports suggested, the star is now under the wing of Hollywood star Jackie Chan.

Chan recently revealed that he has taken the fallen EXO member Kris under his care and even has plans to advance his career.

“Jackie Chan — the international Chinese star known for his movies in both his native homeland of China (Drunken Master, Police Story Series) and in the United States (Around The World In 80 Days, Rush Hour Trilogy) — revealed that he signed Kris to his entertainment agency at an action movie event at the Shanghai International Film Festival,” Inquistr reported. “Chan also made known he has a plan to ‘sign on more next-generation actors for the future’ too.”

Kris had to go through a lot the past years after he filed a lawsuit against SM Entertainment for allegedly mishandling him. The K-pop star drew both support and flak from his actions but found that a lot of the talent agency’s former stars shared his sentiment. One of which was Jessica Jung.

Now that he has found an ally in Jessica, does this mean that they could be doing a project together down the line?

“While Kris’ personal life seems to have been under attack, his career has never seemed brighter,” International Business Times reported. “The ‘Growl’ singer has two upcoming Hollywood projects and in a recent interview with Chinese magazine QQ Sports, Jessica Jung said she’d like to work with him in the future.”

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